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Stolen Rental Car: Things You Need to Do

Car theft has become quite common in recent times as criminals have come to know how to defeat the modern security devices and while this is usually a problem for the higher end and more valuable card that represent only smaller percentage of car rental Toronto fleets and the problem are not getting any better. While considering what happens if the rental cars are stolen is one of the last things that that you need to take into your account when you are on a holiday. It is better to understand your liabilities and responsibility when this happens.

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Things You Need to Do when the Rental Car is Stolen?

  • You have to call the local police and report that the vehicle from the car rental Toronto has been stolen. Make sure that you provide as much detail as possible which includes the location and the time. Also, do not forget about the personal possessions which might have been in the car. Get the crime reference number. You have to explain that it was a rental car.
  • Call the rental company and report to them that the car has been stolen. Give them the crime reference number. The rental agent might get in touch with the police with the vehicle details. You will have to do this by discussing with the rental agent.
  • Check the level of insurance cover that you possess. You also have to check for excesses that are to be liable.
  • After you are done doing this, you have to arrange for a replacement car by talking to the car rental Toronto Give the necessary crime or police reference.
  • Fill up the theft form with the rental agent offering them all the necessary crime and police reference number and contact details.
  • Get in touch with the travel insurance provider in case you notice that your personal belonging has been stolen.
  • Enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Car Rental Theft Protection

you might have noticed that there are different sections in the insurance terms and conditions. This is included as a standard clause in any rental. However, with the domestic car insurance policy, it is going to come with an excess. Hence, though you will not be liable for the total cost of the stolen car from the car rental Toronto, you are going to be liable for an element of it.

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Theft Protection is linked to the general terms and conditions. If you are not complying with the terms and conditions, you are going to be liable for the entire cost of the vehicle replacement.  This is very much like the domestic car insurance policy.  In case you left the keys in the car and it has been stolen, then the insurance is not going to cover you. Theft protection will only cover the car and not any personal belongings.  The travel insurance that you have is likely to cover your personal possessions when you are on a holiday.  Nonetheless, it doesn’t cover the damage caused to the car by an attempted theft even if the thieves didn’t actually steal the car.

Car rental Toronto theft is pretty rare and it is not something that should concern you. As long as you are treating your rental car like your own car, you are very likely to get your rental car stolen.

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