Nanton Lancaster Society
Museum Needs and Surplus Parts

Listed below are some of the items that are needed in our museum.
Our Society is registered as a charitable organization so items donated
are eligible for an official tax receipt for value.
If you have any of the needed items please contact us at 403-646-2270 or fax us at 403-646-2214.
We will be grateful for any help you might be able to give.

[Museum Needs] [Aircraft & Vehicle Parts] [Surplus Parts]

Museum Needs

Maintenance Equipment

Boom Lift
used boom-lift, either self powered or trailer type (see photo).
older, rough terrain fork lift capable of lifting up to 6000 lbs.

Museum Building requirements
Solar panels for heating (to add to hot water heating system to help reduce heating costs.
We would also appreciate geothermal info and/or components.
Wind electric turbine – (to subsidize electrical needs.)
Electronic equipment for integrating visual and sound into displays –
(such as engine sounds and aircrew voices of a WWII operation,
auto statring when visitors enter the Lancaster mock-up cabin.)

Office and Library requirements
Filing cabinets. Shelving.

Shop requirements
Metal lathe and accessories.
Metal working tools (metal cutting band saw, hand tools).
Woodworking clamps all sizes.
10 or 12 inch sliding miter saw.

Aircraft and Vehicle Parts

North American Harvard
P&W; 1340 engine – timed out – complete with accessories for static running.
Exterior exhaust system for engine.
Any and all parts accepted.

Bristol Bolingbroke
Mercury engines – any condition.
Engine nacelle fairings.
Accept any and all Bolingbroke parts.

North American Yale
Undercarriage, wheels, gear legs, brake parts, etc.
P&W; 975 engines for spares and parts.
Propeller for P&W; 975 engines.
Manuals and parts book.
Any and all Yale parts.

Cessna T-50 Crane
Whole aircraft or any components accepted.
Jacobs L4 engines and/or accessories – any condition.

Beech 18 -Expediter

B18 Cowling
(Larger image)
Any and all parts accepted.
For the – P&W; 985 engines.
– magnetos.
– carburetors.
– starter motors.
Any other engine accessories.
Fairings (port and starboard) where engine exhaust exits behind main cowling.

F86 Sabre
Want whole aircraft for use as a gate guardian and to honour a local WWII airman.

Fleet Fawn

Genet Engine
(Larger image)
Armstrong-Siddeley, Genet Major IA 7 cylinder engine, (also known as Civet 1A.)
(have for trade a 5 cylinder Genet Major complete with accessories)
Cockpit canopy or sections of.

DeHavilland Tiger Moth
Whole aircraft in any condition – or parts.

Fleet Finch
Whole aircraft in any condition – or parts.

Airspeed Oxford
Whole aircraft in any condition and/or parts.
(would especially like to obtain one with cabin section/fuselage relatively intact)

Fairey Battle
Any remains or portion of a “Battle” would enhance the NLS museum – info where remains might be found.

Fairchild Cornell
Whole aircraft or parts.

Any remains or parts of a Lysander would go toward enhancing the museum.

For complete listing go to..
(Parts and Tools Requirements for the Restoration of Avro Lancaster Mk.X FM-159)

1942 Ford 6×6 Fire Truck
2 hose reels.
2 flood lights.
foam hose nozzles, etc.

Surplus Parts

The Society has aircraft and parts that are surplus to our needs
and may be made available to other museums and individuals.
The following are some major items. Enquiries are invited.

Bristol Bolingbroke
fuselages, wings, cockpit sections, etc.

Avro Anson
Fuselages, undercarriage, cowlings, engine mounts, and many other parts.

various small parts.

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